Who is driving this bus?

The Team

Having developed and published over 200 titles and commercialized over 100 international product licenses, the team at OPEN-2 combines a small, efficient in-house core with a network of top-level outsourced personnel. As a group, OPEN-2 has clocked decades of industry leading experience with market leaders such as Microsoft, Sony Computer Entertainment, Nintendo, Apple, Warner Brothers, Universal, Discovery Channel to name just a few, all major online and offline retailers nationally and internationally.

Bio – Sirus Ahmadi – CEO

Sirus Ahmadi Co-founded Conspiracy Entertainment Holdings Inc. – Stock Symbol CPYE in October 1997 and served as its Chief Executive Officer from August 2003 to June 15, 2011 and served as its President until June 15, 2011. Mr. Ahmadi oversaw Conspiracy Entertainment Holdings Inc.’s content acquisitions strategy, as well as on it’s publishing and sales efforts and on all licensing activities.

In 2003, Mr. Ahmadi also founded Giant Mobile Corporation including Giant Media Group (GMG) a next generation digital entertainment publisher with a main focus on mobile devices. From March 1994 to October 1997, he worked with European publisher Funsoft as Director of International Licensing and, from August 1995, he also acted as General Manager: US Operations. His responsibilities included all international sales and worldwide product acquisitions. From February 1989 to March 1994 he worked at Seika Corporation as the National Director of Sales & Marketing.


iHQ was founded by Scott Barrett, a filmmaker, inventor, and entrepreneur. His sleepless career began animating plasticine dinosaurs attacking lego cities with 8mm film at the age of 8. Since, he has served professionally in virtually every department of film production and that has made him a skilled presenter – able to conceive and execute in all mediums.

Scott and Sirus were brought together on the iMpulse Controller project and found their polar-opposite skillsets to render a very powerful combination! The two are collaborating on software and hardware this year.