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    Marrying classic entertainment concepts with a profound knowledge of interactive entertainment.

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    Established as a force in digital download video game and entertainment publishing.


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    More content, more countries, more reach.


The Growth Story



Our focus is to become a global provider of entertainment software in North America, Europe and Australasia

Building our Network

Building our Network

We are in continuous negotiations to establish strategic alliances with experienced partners to secure the supply of content and to extend our development and sales capacities

Expanding the License Pool

Expanding the License Pool

By identifying and purchasing more rights, we will supplement our product line and be able to exploit established brands

Broadening Human Resource

Broadening Human Resource

We are boosting staff levels in our development and administrative departments in order to build the necessary infrastructure to be able to maximize our growth

Key Highlights

Utilizing a leading and established worldwide distribution network
Strong history of exclusively branded titles and licenses

Product List



Designed and conceived by Black Powder Media, this pocket-sized media and gaming remote has entered the gadget market following a successful kickstarter campaign in Nov 2011.

Open-2 was there from inception, launching it forward by setting up network/relationships/agreements for china mfg, sales reps, distributors and all online and offline sales to date. Sirus Ahmadi was also instrumental in adding/communicating non-gaming features for the iMpulse which became integrated into the final product.